Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Conference weekend

We got to go up to Utah for Conference. We spent a couple days in Provo, and it was so fun to see everyone! It snowed the first two days we were there and Benson loved it. He kept trying to catch the snowflakes and pick them out of my hair. He didn't understand why they'd always disapear. The ensign photographers took a bunch of shots of Benson on Sunday when he was running around temple square. I'm sure he won't make the ensign since they take a million pictures, but it was still cool.


cait said...

so cute...come back!

meggamom said...

Avery! This Meggan (Rauzon). I was blog hoppin' and just found your blog. Okay, your little boy looks exactly like Jordan. Is it just me or does anyone else think that? Cute! And the triplets!!! Wow, they are so old. Tell Sunny hi for me, k?

AL and ALI said...

Avery, I love your hair! so cute.

ashley said...

hi ave! how are ya? your little boy is so cute! i forgot that he and velz were so close in age also! are you having a big 1st b-day?
glad to see you guys are doing well! ~~ash

Carol Fighr said...

ei Ave,
que lindas as fotos!
benson tá cada dia mais fofo, e aposto que cada dia mais interessante tambem, ne?
voce esta linda!!!! adorei seu cabelo assim!
muitas saudades de vc.
quando planeja vir ao brasil?
grande abraço,