Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where do I start? We've been up to lots lately...we're finally moved into our lovely new house and we LOVE it! We love the house, the neighborhood, and the ward, and benson especially loves his backyard. I'll post some pictures when I take some..a couple people have asked to see it. I'm really slow at this (if you havn't noticed), but I'll get some up.
In between packing, moving, and unpacking, we've managed to squeeze in lots of time in California. My grandpa passed away last month so I went home for awhile to be with my mom and family and attend his funeral. It was an amazing funeral, my grandpa was an incredible person. It was a really good trip, with lots of time to reflect and be with family.

And Benson discovered his most favorite thing in the whole world to do...go to the beach.

He'd cry when we'd leave after an entire day. I've never seen him be so happy.. and it made me the most happy. My boy loves the beach as much (or more) as I do!

We came home from that trip for about a week and a half and then went back to Huntington Beach for a full week at the beach during the 4th of July. It was so much fun! Benson would wake up every morning, and say 'beach'! Then he'd say it about 40 more times during the day. We could not get there fast enough or stay long enough.


Chelsea said...

Such cute pictures, Ave!! I love that little Benson. He is just way too cute! It was fun to see you guys when you were here.

cait said...

how did he get so olive?...i'm jealous. such a cute little milne clan. (sorry i comment on every post, i just love seeing you again!) post more often! And I definitely want to see the house!

Meriel Frandsen said...

You guys are so cute! Sitting in the sand with the waves splashing looks really nice. You're so lucky to be able to go!!

Krista said...

What fun- a little beach bum!

La said...

i love the beach pics! i need that one of b and e. it looks so cute in sepia. we miss getting those two together. eden has no little friends her age here. it is really sad.