Saturday, June 26, 2010

Upcoming Cath

I'm going to try to end my blogging slump.. Not sure why my posts have been so few and far in between.
Lots has been going on. We saw Bela's cardiology team just one month after the last appointment I wrote about because it looks like she's going to need a cath in July. This cath was very unexpected for me so it has taken me awhile to wrap my brain around it and get used to the idea. I DON'T want Bela to be back in the hospital and under anethesia and be cut again and of course whenever there's possibility of something going wrong, it worries me to death. But Cath's are something that I'm told she'll probably need about every year of her life, so I better get used to it. So anyway, I'm not sure the exact date yet, but it will probably be mid-end of July, and it'll be here way too fast. They need to get some real accurate measurements to get a better idea of what's going on in her heart, and they will most likely balloon open a portion of her aorta that is too narrow and causing pressure build-up for her only good valve. The only issue is, Turner Syndrome causes the tissue in the aorta to be very weak, so they are cautious to say the least about doing this, but they feel it is best.
So that's that. Some good news...IF they are able to successfully stretch open the aorta with the balloon enough, we may be able to push back her big surgery a WHOLE YEAR! So not next summer but the summer after that. That would be fantastic due to the snail pace of her growth. If she had a whole year to grow bigger, I would feel SO much better! We'll see.

As far as other news, me and my babies are in California at my parent's house for 5 days, and guess what?! My parents are actually in their house! (they live in Brasil and only come home a couple times a year) I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to basically have both my mom and dad to myself for a whole 5 days! I miss them so much being so far away. It's always SO nice to be home, and to have them here is just wonderful. Not to mention this PERFECT weather.. I just want to sit outside all day long! Love it!

Here's a couple pictures from Tanner's little bro's wedding day. It was such a great day and I couldn't be happier about my new sister!


The Tams Family said...

Oh Ave, sorry to hear about the cath, but great that they might be able to push back surgery!! My phone died a couple weeks ago, so I haven't been able to check in with you!! miss you1

likeschocolate said...

I can totally understand. I haven't written on Roman's blog in a while. One reason is I guess I am in denial. The last visit we had they thought he would need another surgery sometime soon. This was a total shock for us. We had thought he was doing so well, but I guess his pulmonary valve is not growing. We will know more in the fall. Enjoy every minute. Good luck!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

We think about you guys often and have been wondering how Ms. Bela is doing. Let us know on the date- we'd love to fast for her that day if it's ok with you. How fun to have your parents all to yourself! I bet they are loving it too!!

Rich, Shelly, and London said...

You guys look great!! Laurisa's family is in my parents' ward and my home ward. I don't really know her too well cause she's a bit younger, but she comes from an amazing family. Praying for good results from the cath! Good luck!!

cait said...

first of all...ave, you are beautiful. second of all, i love all the pics from the photo shoot- they are amazing, and third, i'll be thinking & praying for sweet bela this month as she gets her cath. xoxo, cait