Monday, September 1, 2008

Sleep over at St. Joes

Dad here... Avery and I both spent the night at the hospital. I won't complain because Avery does it every night and doesn't. I always tell Avery that someone is going to creates a Marvel super hero character after her. She is amazing!

Right after Avery posted last night, Bela's oxygen saturations dropped and she clamped against the resperator. She turned really blue and they had to override the resperator and manually give her breathes. My mom and brother were here to experience a glimpse of the anxiety that we go through. It was relatively mild compared to other times, but nontheless it stressed us all out. She had two more of those episodes during the night. Aside from the fact that we constantly worry about Bela, sleeping here is not very accomodating. I would like to compare it to sleeping through the night with your alarm clock going off every five minutes expect that the alarm is associated to your daughter and you can't just press snooze and go back to sleep without making sure she is ok. Bela is calm at the moment and holding mommy's finger.


Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

Avery and Tanner,

Again, I know that you dont know who i am. I heard about Bela's story through a co-worker of mine Susan Hull. I just want to say that you guys are truly amazing parents. I am sure that if Bela could talk right now. That she would say, " I love my parnts and would never ask for anyone different." The both of you are execellent roll models to anyone reading these post. Avery in one of her previous post stated, "I want Bela to read this later." So i wanted to right something for her. Now i will gear my messege more to Bela.

Dear Princess Bela,
You are an amazing little angel. You are stong and can pull through this. I know this may be a tough obstical for you. But please just know that all of your family and friends are rooting for you. I am sure that Benson cant wait to get his little sister home to play. I as an outsider are praying for you everyday. Get well soon.

Jr, Suzie, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay Dean said...

Praying that tube comes out soon! Bela will tell you when it is time though. She must not be ready yet, but after those incidents last night, hopefully it is soon! Praying that the anxiety isn't becoming too much for you. Either that or you have plenty of Xantex!!! Hoping for a good day tonight and tomorrow. Thinking and praying for you always~

Likes Chocolate said...

Hopefully, today was a better day. I agree sleeping at the hospital is no fun. Looking at Bela's photos and her purple eyelids brought back the memory of Romans surgery. We will continue to keep you guys in our prayers Hang in there.

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Come on Bela girl, hang in there, and no more scares!! Hopefully each night will get just a little better than the one before. I love the poem that you posted on the side... it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Bela's family: I don't know you personally and have only happened on to your blog, but your Bela is the loveliest girl. From here in Kansas, I will pray for her health, comfort, and strength. Avery, you must be made of titanium or something similar. Bela is a blessing to you but YOU are such a blessing to her. As a mother myself, I will pray especially for you but also for your whole family. May this most difficult year also be one of joy you never imagined. Angela in Kansas

The Ridgway Family said...

Avery, just want you to know that I am praying for you and Bela. You are such an example to me of strength and grace in such a trying time. I hope you can feel the Lord's loving arms around you right now as I did when we were in your spot. I also LOVE the poem you posted. It says it just perfectly. Know that we think of you all the time and Ainsley and Emerson do not say a prayer without saying "bless Bela, Eden's special friend." I just wish I could hug you!
Love you, Keisa