Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eating is such hard work!

Here's some shots of Bela working on her eating.. She's still not too sure about it, and she gets SO tired after we work on it for jsut a few minutes. About half of the time she still vomits when food goes in her mouth, but it's getting a little better. It can get very frusterating..the most frusterating part is that she dosn't like to swallow the food, she just lets it sit in her mouth until her saliva mixes with it and it just drips out of her mouth.. Ugh.. She is really determined to not eat. We have to just keep at it... And as far as the bottles are going, that seemed to be a one time only thing..she must have been really out that night to not fight it because every time since then that I've tried, she won't take it. sigh..oh well.. She also failed her swallow study again, she still needs her milk to be about honey consistency. We were hoping for better results because aspiration is not something we want to mess with again, but I'm still hopeful her swallow will get stronger over time...

She's such a little mini in her highchair.


The Silly Nilly Family said...

Wow, I just marvel to see her in a high chair. I can understand why you might feel concerned and probably even a little scared when she wont eat. With good reason, considering all you have been through. I think that is an issue that worries even parents that have children with out any health complications. When our kids wont eat we worry!! Well good luck, keep at it! You are doing great!

Jamie said...

My little guy does the same thing with his food, just swishes it all around until he spits it out or it slides out, yum. Oh and he doesn't take a bottle either. he thinks the only place to get food from is me and I know that is not exactly the same but I feel your pain a little. I've heard Persistence pays off. Keep up the good work, mom.

Simmons Family: said...

Avery... I feel your frustrations! Owen was eating a TON of baby food last week and drinking water from an open top cup. This week he's only eating foods that he really shouldn't eat. Like ICE CREAM... he'll eat Spoonfuls and swallow it... so it's just him being stubborn now.

He did the non swallowing and then spit out his food for a while. He's just recently gotten the hang of swallowing consistently and the vomiting and gagging is coming to a halt. It progresses as they get more practice is what I'm told.

We gave up on the bottle...we went straight to the open top cup, sippy cup and straws. Do you have a feeding therapist?? We are outpatient through PCH East Valley and they have given me SO many little tricks and tools. We have a bear cup that has a straw on it so when you squeeze the bear, the liquid comes out of the straw...very helpful!

Our little babes will figure this eating thing out. It's just another challenge that we are up against.

KEEP IT UP... you are doing all you can!!


angie said...

oh my gosh ave! I'm dying as I look at these pictures! She looks so amazing!