Saturday, November 29, 2008

A little scare..

We've found ourselves here once again..yes, here meaning at St. Joe's. All seems to be well as of now...
Bela went to sleep Thanksgiving night around 8 acting as normal as could be. During the night she woke up moaning a little and i got a temp of 99.9. By morning I took it at 100.6 and she just did not want to wake up. She slept until 10, woke up for a total of 5 minutes then fell back asleep until almost 2. She couldn't even stay awake, and her little hands and feet were cold and fairly blue. So needless to say we were worried. She was acting eerily similar to the ways she acted when she was in heart failure so of course we didn't wait around too long. We called our NP, and were on our way to Banner Gateway because we were thinking she was dehydrated. I had changed a very dark urine diaper that morning, so we were going in for some IV nutrition just to get her fluid levels up. when we got there though she seemed worse and her temp was up to 102.6, so our doctors were contacted and they told them to ambulance us out here. So we had an eventful ambulence ride and got directly admitted. They took urine cultures and drew up blook work to see if anything would grow and so far nothing has. She was poked a lot last night, they finally got an IV in her foot that they havn't touched since. Turned out her urine had no signs of dehydration at all so no IV nutrition was needed. So it made eeveryone think she must have a viral infection. So after her many pokes, she fell right to sleep and slept great through the night. I watched her wake up this morning wondering how she'd feel today and got the hugest smile.. she is feeling SO much better. It's like overnight she got better.. She is completley back to herself today. I have no idea what made her that way yesterday, but whatever it was it didn't stay long or turn into anything, THANKFULLY! They want us to be here at least 48 hours to allow more time for the blood sitting downstairs in the petri dish to grow anything, but I've got a good feeling it won't. Hopefully we'll be back home by Monday.. On our way to the hospital I said to Tanner, gosh, I thought we were done with this to which tanner replied, we're never done with this, this is our life. Oh yeah, how quickly you forget...
Not really the way we had planned on spending Thanksgiving weekend, but always better to be safe than sorry... We're so grateful, SO grateful that everything so far has turned out okay..
No camera so no pics this time..we left in a hurry! Sorry!


The Simmons Family said...

Avery... I tell you, Bela and Owen had the EXACT same night last night!! If only we were at the same hospital. The same sleepiness, exact temps, blue feet, we went to PCH ER and they cultured everything... all was well! I had to do some serious convincing to come home at 10pm and not be admitted though :).

I'm so happy that she is doing better!!! Owen also woke up with a BIG SMILE this morning!!

These are OUR lives and we will forever be BLESSED!!



Lindsay Dean said...

Thank God for a good prognosis! And Thanking God for Bela's wonderful fast acting parents. You can never be too cautious with these heart babies. Praying nothing grows from the cultures and that she is back to normal in no time!
Love to you~
Suzie and Lindsay

Sally said...

Oh little sweetie! I am so glad that it has turned out to be nothing! Let me know if you need anything.

Erin said...

Wow Avery I have been thinking of you the last couple days so I figured I would check in and now I know why you were on my mind...I should have called sorry:( Anyway, so glad to hear things seem to be ok and you should be home in the next day or so. That little girl is going to keep you on your toes...just as you get into a great routine she will shake things up a bit. Well hang in there friend and I will give you a call tomorrow and check to see what we can do.

Aimee and Hardy said...

So glad to hear everything is okay with your sweetheart.

Mom to Jack, HLHS

lundgrenville said...

Oh Avery-
Im so sorry! What a blessing that she improved quickly this go around! Sounds like she fought back hard so that she could hurry and go back home where she loves to be. Our prayers are with you!
Remember-Im just a short distance away and can serve in any way that I can!

emcghee said...

I can't believe you forgot the camera, GEEEEZ!

The Ridgway Family said...

I pray that nothing at all grows in those cultures at that you can come home tomorrow. I can not imagine the flood of emotions when situations like this happen. I hope you can come home soon and that Bela will be back to her wonderful, sweet self so soon.


Michele said...

I am so glad she is ok now. So true about how you start to think you have a 'normal' life and then something like this brings you back to reality. I prefer to pretend I have a normal life because it can be to overwhelming at times. Hopefully this will be your last trip to St. Joes this winter!!