Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Angel

Ethan returned home this morning.. Please, say a prayer for his family today.
What a courageous and strong boy, and an incredible 6 months on earth. We will miss you buddy..


The Simmons Family said...

My heart sunk this morning when I checked in on Ethan. I will never understand the 'why's'. Life is so fragile.. it makes me want to love on Owen even more.. if that's possible.

michele said...

Life is fragile and each day is a gift. Today I will pray for Ethan's family... and also for your darling girl. I got on your blog through Katie Alred's. :)

kyleandbeth said...

Thanks for posting Avery. The Skidmore's are in our stake and they have a daughter in Kaci's class at school. They are a wonderful family to have to go through such tough times.