Thursday, August 20, 2009

I hate germs!

Bela came down with something again.. SIGH...
Despite her hospital time, I think the thing that delays her the most is how often she is sick. I worry about it a lot.. how much can one little body, one sick little body, take? It seems like we just get a couple weeks of health in between being sick. Today will be day 3 which is usually always her worst day. She was up last night from 2 a.m until 6 a.m. I stayed up til midnight to feed her one more time because she didn't get enough calories or ounces in the day, and then at 2 am she was crying. She just wanted to be held and was okay if she wasn't put back in bed. SHe was however wheezeing a little when she breathed and she had a nasty little cough that sounds too much like croup. I could handle it until about 4 and then Tan took over. He took her downstairs and watched TV with her and at 6 he woke up to her head right up next to his, sound asleep. So sweet..:)
I already had a cardiology apt. scheduled for today so we'll go in at 2 and see what they think. I'll be glad to get a look at her heart and make sure everything is okay. And I hope the scale is nice today!! We've been working so hard for some weight gain!
Hoping it's nothing serious and that she'll be back to feeling good soon! I just don't understand how she catches EVERYTHING?!?! Maybe we're getting too relaxed. The last three weeks we have taken her to church with us all three hours. Maybe she's touching too much stuff while she's there and we should go back to going home with her... I dunno. It dosn't seem like all the other heart babies get sick as much as Bela.. am I wrong?


Stu and Angie Milne said...

oh bels.. sorry she's not feeling good ave :( hope the news from the doctor is good!

Carl & Mickie Yeates said...

You are such a fabulous mother to do all you do. Thanks for keeping up the blog. Bart had an ear infection every month his 1st year. And he was a Healthy kid. Take care of yourself and kiss Bela for us.

Branton Family said...

I am so sorry Avery that Bela is sick. It does seem that whenever we feel we have made progress with Zach, we take another step back with him as well. If its not feeding issues, its congestion or breathing issues. Hang in there, I pray things will get easier and that you will have strength in the mean time to deal with all of the challenges. Keep us posted on how the cardiologist appointment goes. Ours is next Wednesday...Amy

The Simmons Family said...

Bummer. I am so sorry that Bela is sick again. Some kids just get sick easier than others.

Owen has not ever been sick, other than heart sick. I don't take him anywhere and if we do, he stays in his stroller so he can't touch anything. I know this is overdoing it a little, but it's working. We also use hand sanitizer like it's going out of style. Owen actually asks for it now when we get in and out of the car. I know.. OCD.

On another note.. PRAYING that cardiology goes well. Bela's weight is up and there are no surprises.

I'm excited to see Dr Graziano on Wednesday and get the Gtube planned.


Katie said...

I think our girls are on the same healthy on/off days! Maddie is sick again too...started Sunday night. She was sick mid-July and now again, 3 weeks later! I hate it too and wonder as well if we're being to relaxed by going to the grocery store, etc. I'm in total fear of our oldest starting Kindergarten next week since she's sick enough and now new germs will be creeping home with him. The funny part is that she's the only one with the illnesses! The rest of us a fine. So it's a bummer and yes, their little hearts don't need to work this hard! They already do when they're healthy!!!

Here's the blog I wanted you to see...didn't ever hear from you thru email so here's Katelyn's blog address:

Katie (Maddie's mom, HRHS)

Melodie Mendivil said...

Avery, Not for nothing... but I keep Scarlett as sheltered as possible (like Owen's mom with Owen). Scarlett only leaves the house to go to the pediatrician or to the cardiologist. I don't even visit grandma unless I'm 100% sure no one is sick in her house, and I make EVERYONE sanitize their hands around her. As a result (knock on wood), Scarlett hasn't been sick yet. I don't know if that's really the reason why... but maybe you might wanna consider not taking Bela to church with you, and watching services from home/internet somehow? Just a thought.

I've only taken Scarlett to church with me twice and I was nervous the whole time that someone might sneeze on her. Luckily, I can watch mass (I'm Catholic) from home tho.

I really hope beautiful little Bela gets better soon. It was nice meeting you last night. :)

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

Taylor has a running nose & cough more often than not. It seems like once she gets over it, she catches something again. But with my 2 and 4 year olds constantly smothering her with attention- it doesn't surprise me. It does get old. And when she's sick, of course she doesn't eat well. So no, you're not alone in this!

Still...I'm sorry things are so rough for you!