Friday, April 11, 2008

Back and Forth, Up and Down!

I make this post without permission from the blogmaster, but I feel that many of you have been looking for an update. Bela was discharged on Wed morning and we were so excited to be back home together. Yesterday we noticed some swelling along Bela's incision so Avery called the doctors. They asked us to immediately come in. So we spent the afternoon at the doctors office running all of the tests on our little Bela. 3 of the 4 doctors that looked at Bela said we needed to admit her to the hospital so they could watch her for a few days. Avery pled with one of the surgeons to let us watch it closely on our own and promised that if it got worse, we would bring her in. They also decided to go off any suplements for a few days and go back to just breast milk. Bela had another appointment this afternoon at the doctor's office and I received the call less than an hour ago that Bela has been readmitted to the hospital at least for the weekend. I can think of a lot of more desirable weekend getaways than St. Joes, maybe St. Thomas? So Bela and Avery will spend the next few nights under constant observation. I will leave all of the technical medical jargon to Avery because she is the family medical specialist. So the roller coaster goes on. I know that we are so blessed with great family, friends, etc, but this is no fun!


AL and ALI said...

I can only imagine how exhausting it is. Please please call when we can help. I will call Avery too to see.

The Andersens said...

'no fun' sounds like an understatement to me! i'm so sorry she is back in the hospital. i've come to realize...these babies are at such a high risk...maybe its better that they spend a little extra time in the hospital so that we're aboslutely sure that they're healthy, strong and ready to go home. i really hope she does get to be home again soon and that there aren't any serious problems that prevent that!
you will be in our prayers!
love the andersens

Dana said...

We are sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital with Bela and hope that the weekend goes well and she's able to come home soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Ugh... I guess "better safe than sorry" will have to be your motto for the next several months. We're so sorry to hear that she has to be back there for a few days. When this is all said and done, I think a year-long trip for the 4 of you to St. Thomas or St. Barts will be in order! =)