Friday, October 5, 2007

September and lately..

There's been lots of good things happening to us lately. First of all, apparently a lot of people didn't know that I was pregnant when I posted my last blogs. I had already told most people that I talk to regularly or that live by me, so I guess I just assumed most everyone knew. My last two posts weren't really intended to 'announce' that I was pregnant, but I guess they did for lot's of people. I realize it was kind of a funny way to tell people. I was writing it as if it was already common knowledge. So anyway, yes...I am pregnant with number 2! 17 weeks pregnant, and the first of the good things that have happened to us lately is that I am completley rid of all nausia and vomiting. Yeah! It's such a wonderful thing to wake up one day and feel like you again. I feel great. I don't really even feel all that 'chubby' as I said in my last post either. Something different must definately happen the second time around and your body immediatley starts preparing to change and grow for the baby. Around 12 weeks I already felt like I was starting to pop out, but since then I've pretty much just stayed the same. It was making me a little nervous for awhile... but I'm sure I'll start popping more soon. I can already feel he/she moving around and I forgot how cool that it.
Anyway, enough about how I feel... Good thing #2 is that it is cooling down out there!! Yeah! We have been able to resume our wagon walks which makes benson extremeley happy..

Isn't he cute?! I love my little (almost) 2 year old. He's my little buddy. Latley he's been really into picking out what he wants to wear. I didn't think this would happen so soon, well, I didn't think this would ever happen since he's a boy, but it has. It's not too bad yet. If he dosn't see what he wants to wear then he'll wear whatever, but if he sees one of his favorite things (monkey jammies, football shirt, choo choo jacket, anything with something he loves on it) he wants to wear them. This was one such day...

They're blurry for some reason, but you get the point. His monkey jammie bottoms, car shirt, and diamondbacks hat, backwards only.
He's also talking like crazy now and is our little parrot. He repeats the last word of every sentence, and sometimes will even finish them for us. The other day I said 'oh my' and before i could finish it bens yelled 'gosh'! He's obsessed with animals and can name most for you including sting ray, otter, and bison. We've had to move on from cow and duck. He's a happy kid. He loves his Daddy, binkey, and blankie more than anything else. We're still working on getting rid of the's not going too great. Neither is potty training. Not that we've really tried yet, but he'll sit on his potty and make the 'potty noise', but hasn't actually gone yet. We did put on some big boy spiderman undies to see if that would spark some excitment. Not really.. but he sure was cute in them.

Another good thing last month was our trip to California to see Grandma and Grandpa. We got to see a lot more people than just them though. Manda, the bishoffs, my grandma's, Aunt Beth, Chels and Ash, Shelly and Carter, Erin and her family, and La and Eden to name a few. It was so nice to see everyone! Just Bens and I went this time and we had so much fun, but we missed Tan.

He loves his grandma and grandpa Woffinden. But I think his most favorite person just might have been his great grandma Woffinden, who after all these years knows exactly what to do to make kids so happy.
Isn't she the cutest Grandma ever? She was the greatest grandma growing up and she still is to my kids. She had Benson rolling with laughter and attached to her. I think he wore her out..

I have the greatest Grandmas. Here's my other cute and tiny grandma.. Four generations...
Benson and Eden's reunion was cute.

Bens, Sade, Lex, and Coop

Grandma and Bens at the beach

Benson fell and cut his lip open pretty bad while we were can kind of see it in this picture. He split it open on my parents stone fireplace. It was a hard fall and almost sent us to the emergency room for stitches, but after we cleaned it up we thought it would heal, and it since has.

Other than that, Tanner is happy with his new job, and things are starting to pick up there. We're still loving our new house, and so happy that this time of year is finally here! I love the holidays...
...This post is long enough and that's the update... Hope everyone else is doing great!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can you see the smile?

Here he/she #2. I did have some new pictures after all...

So cute!

No pictures :(

I feel like I'm letting such a fun stage of life go by without taking any pictures.. I'm usually pretty good at remembering to snap some here and there, but for some reason lately I am having a hard time remembering to. Actually, I'm having problems remembering anything and I know exactly why.. Pregnancy makes me feel like I can't really get a handle on life, like my brain isn't fully functional. At this point in my pregnancy (3 1/2 months) I just feel fat and stupid. Great, huh. But at least the nausea has subsided for the most part and the vomiting has decreased. I'd take fat and stupid over that any day. :) This is the part of pregnancy I love though.. 2nd trimester is great, you're not sick and you're still small enough to feel good, but you actually look pregnant. So I'm looking forward to that. It was amazing to see my 2 inch, perfectly formed baby jumping around on the ultrasound screen a couple weeks ago. I'll never get used to seeing that, it was no less exciting this time around. It's absolutley amazing what our bodies are capable of. Anyways, it's really hard for me to believe I'll soon be a mother of two..but what could be better? Benson needs a little buddy to play with, and I'm completley baby hungry and so excited to bring another sweet baby into the world. I just hope this baby has benson's personality. He's always been so good, calm, and sweet. I'm so lucky...
On Saturday we're off to California to spend 10 days with my parents. We're going to take a little road trip to Vegas to see Erin and her family and Lauren and Eden. It'll be so good to see everyone, and escape the heat. Hopefully just one more month of it..yeah!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Staying cool

This is what we have to do to stay cool in AZ...wear as little clothes as you can (for Benson that's usually a lot less than the rest of us) and suck on popcicles.

Or just stay inside and hide in the pantry..or go through daddy's wallet. So fun! THe funny things that entertain 2 year olds..'s some pics of the house. We're pretty sure we've found our home for awhile..

THis is my favorite part...the park right next to us! it's soo close! Now I just need it to be under 110 to be able to use it. Soon, or I might go crazy.

This is Bensons favorite room..go figure. His playroom! He loves it. He plays so good in it all by himself. And he loves his coloring table.

Here's Bensons room. Complete with Benson. He's sleeping in his crib in this picture. I painted it brown a couple weeks's fun, but still a work in progress. As soon as he gets his big boy bed we'll be able to use the bedding (that goes with the brown and the surf theme) that's on the chair in this pic.

Here's the family room and kitchen. We've slowly been adding furniture, and it's coming along. Now we just need to replace our bite size tv with something to fill the hole. In time...

Friday, July 13, 2007


Jobs I've had:
1) Limited Too
2) Hostess/Waitress at Tony's in CA
3) Mentor/Advisor at Rise Inc. in Provo
4) 3rd-5th grade Special Ed Teacher

Places for weekend getaway:
1) beach
2) beach
3) beach
4) beach

Movies I can watch over and over:
1) I am Sam
2) The other sister
3) any harry potter movie
4) Life is Beautiful

Guilty Pleasures
1) Oreo Pizookie from BJ's
2) People Magazine
3) shopping
4) browsing through Target

Places I've Lived:
1) Mission Viejo, California
2) Belo Horizonte, Brazil
3) Provo
4) Gilbert

What I thought when I first saw my significant other:
Tanner sorta stocked me at first...I was a little scared. We had the returned missionary portuguese class together (it was my very first class at BYU..not a very good idea.) I think he thought it was kinda cool that I was young and spoke portuguese. He was and still is all about brasil, so he was into that. so my thoughts were...
1) "Is he behind me again?" He used to try and talk and walk with me after class.
2) "He's a little too happy for me" I love that about him.
3) 2 years later he came over to my apt to ask me out..."wow, I don't think I've ever been formally asked to go on a date before. I like that."
4) "He's too nice to be real"

Places I've been on vacations
1) Rio de Janeiro
2) Maui
3) New York
4) Cancun

Favorite Foods
1) Sharp Cheddar Cheese
2) cereal
3) Italian food
4) Cafe Rio

IF in a "jam" with spouse, tactics used to get out of the doghouse:
1) apologize
2) try to make him laugh
3) make him something he loves
4) i'll put it how sally did...grab his crotch

Websites I visit daily
2) blogs
4) craigslist

First kiss locations:
1) guys room...
2) on the beach at night
3) at the door at college apt
4) friends house

Places I'd rather be
1) on the beach
2) parents house
3) 70 degree weather
4) brasil

4 people I tag are...
1) Lauren
2) Dana
3) Cait
4) Meems


I love these can just see them amazement on his face. This was by far his favorite ride (it's a small world), and when it was over he kept saying 'more'. This was always my favorite ride when I was little and I'd want to go on it again and again. It's amazing how when you're older, you realize how cheesy and ghetto the ride really is, but it's so magical when you're little.

Our little Edie girl has moved so far away from us, and Benson is sad. He loves his cousin. They had fun together at Toon Town.

We walked over to the dumbo ride, and I went to get him out and he was OUT. He was so exhausted, so our day ended a little early. It was so fun though. I have always loved disneyland, and it was so fun to take my little one there and see the wonder and pure excitement of it all through his eyes.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where do I start? We've been up to lots lately...we're finally moved into our lovely new house and we LOVE it! We love the house, the neighborhood, and the ward, and benson especially loves his backyard. I'll post some pictures when I take some..a couple people have asked to see it. I'm really slow at this (if you havn't noticed), but I'll get some up.
In between packing, moving, and unpacking, we've managed to squeeze in lots of time in California. My grandpa passed away last month so I went home for awhile to be with my mom and family and attend his funeral. It was an amazing funeral, my grandpa was an incredible person. It was a really good trip, with lots of time to reflect and be with family.

And Benson discovered his most favorite thing in the whole world to do...go to the beach.

He'd cry when we'd leave after an entire day. I've never seen him be so happy.. and it made me the most happy. My boy loves the beach as much (or more) as I do!

We came home from that trip for about a week and a half and then went back to Huntington Beach for a full week at the beach during the 4th of July. It was so much fun! Benson would wake up every morning, and say 'beach'! Then he'd say it about 40 more times during the day. We could not get there fast enough or stay long enough.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So I'm a little slow at getting these pictures from our trip to hawaii up... I love it when life gets so busy that you really feel like there are just not enough hours in a day. That's how things have been for us and I love it! I don't like having too much time on my hands...I'm much happier when I'm busy. But it was soo nice to just relax and slow down in Hawaii. My sweet boy did so good with grandma. Everytime I'd call to check on him I'd hear laughing in the background. It was so nice to know he was having so much fun. Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa (and uncle stu, graf, and aunt julie!).

Hawaii was so beautiful...

We ate lots,

went to a magic show,

went zip lining (so fun)

and just spent lot of good, quality time together.

It was a perfect vacation...
Now it's been back to life for us. We move in 2 weeks and have been busy getting ready for that. It's so nice to get neat and organized. I love to get rid of's a great feeling.
Benson is loving life and learning so much. He is still facinated by cars, trucks, and airplanes, balls, spiderman, and being outside. I don't know if he picked it up from Jordan (moats) or just learned on his own, but he answers 'yea' to everything you ask him. I love it. He's starting to talk lots...his newest words are cheese, show (for baby einstein), poop :), car, Jesus, more, help, chips, wow. He says so much. He loves to say prayers with us and folds his arms the whole time. He usually repeats the last word of every sentence, then yells Jesus at the end. There is nothing that makes me happier than spending time with him. And now that Tan is done with school (!!!!!!!!) we get to see lots more of DADA too! Life got a lot better for us on May 12th (graduation day).. Graduation was awesome, and it was nice for Tanner to get some well deserved recognition for all the hard work that went into working full time and getting his MBA at night. I am so proud..