Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quiet Sunday

Today has been great! No problems, no real scares. The feel in our room has changed substantially since yesterday. I feel like things are going in the right direction and we're close to having our Bela back. She is much less of a marshmellow today and much more Bela today. I can see her little expressions in her face that I have missed. She held onto my finger today and squeezed it tight...I got so excited and told the nurse, she squeezed my finger, she squeezed my finger!! She probably thought I was a little wierd, but it was the greatest! She'd been sooo sedated, and they have been letting her be a lot more awake today. She been able to stay calm today being less sedated, so she must be feeling a little better. It's a good sign for going towards getting off the ventilator too. She's been brought down on her ventilator settings some today and has tolerated it great. She got her chest tubes pulled today becuase her draining has stopped. I was glad to see them go, but she DID NOT like getting them out at all. They say it hurts really bad to get them pulled and you could tell that she was in a lot of pain. You could see it in her pained was aweful. She clamped down again and wouldn't breathe, because it hurt so bad, and turned really blue. But after they were out it took her a minute to catch her breath and she feel back asleep. So all and all it has been a wonderful day!

This is right before pulling the chest tubes. The chest tubes wrap around inside of her chest, so they just kept coming and coming as she was pulling them. It was crazy. I always say, all of this would be so fascinating to me if it wasn't my baby going through it.

The changes in Bela have been subtle, and so you probably can't notice much from these pictrues, but we have noticed them. She looks much better today than yesterday. We can tell she is feeling better and that makes EVERYTHING better. She's such a fighter!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stable and resting

The day has improved, in that Bela has been able to maintain her sats and heartrate all day, but she is still not ready to be pushed at all towards doing more of the workload by herself and getting the breating tube out. We are just glad she's been stable for so long, but I'm hoping to see some progress made towards getting that tube out. THere is only so much progress that can be made in her overall recovery and in how she feels with the tube still in. Once it comes out so much more healing can take place and she'll feel so much better. She is peeing well still and getting more fluid off her, she's not quite so puffy, but getting the tube out is what will really get most of the fluid off.
It's been a pretty quite day which is just great with us! I never again want to go through something like we went through last night. I've never felt that way in my life, I can't even begin to explain what that felt like. I was overwhelmingly scared and helpless and I couldn't stop my body from shaking. I really thought I was watching her die, and it was beyond the worst feeling I've ever experienced. Her nurse was 35 weeks pregnant and said she felt like the whole ordeal almost put her into labor! It was a very good sign however that she did bounce back from it fairly quickly and was able to do it on her own. I was pretty shaken up by it all and am still getting over it. I didn't sleep much last night, I couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from her monitor since it happened so quickly and I was the only one in the room when it all started. But I actually did get a little sleep in today which was good. So we're VERY grateful for a more quiet day, and hopefully she'll stay this way through the night.
Thank you for the prayers, please keep them coming. I know they are blessing her as well as all of us going through this. Please remember all the sweet babies up here right now as well. Everyone keeps saying that there are more 'critical' babies up here right now than ever. There seems to be a crisis going on around here all too often, and the code cart just keeps getting switched from room to room. I was glad to see it get wheeled away from our door this morning, but sad to know it was going to another baby struggling with their fight.. There is so much to be grateful for right now.

Hard Night!

Dad here. A hard night is probably not a proper title and Avery doesn't really want to re-live last night so I am going to attempt to explain the constant fragile state of little Bela's life. At about 11:00 pm Bela's O2 sats were dropping into the 60s and suddenly her heart rate dropped below the 100s, so Nicole, Bela's nurse began assessing. Within 30 seconds her sats dropped into the 20s and heart rate in the low 40s as well. By then, things were in crisis mode, doctors and nurses scrambling all over. Bela's nurse was manually giving Bela breathes as she was fighting against her respirator. Bela was completely Blue and lifeless. As Avery cried explaining this all to me over the phone just after happening, she said that she thought that was it and that Bela was gone. One of the ICU docs was standing over Bela prepared to shock her heart and bring her back, but just as she was about to shock, Bela's heart rate began to rise and her sats as well. Within another five minutes they were able to stablize Bela. They are still not sure what caused her crash, but think there must have been some flem or fluid lodged in her breathing tube.

She has remained pretty calm and stable since then. Once again we count our many blessings and cherish every moment with our sweet little Bela.

Friday, August 29, 2008

6 months

Well...she did really well for awhile on a little less sedation. Just a little while ago she woke up some more and started really moving and it sent her sats down a little so they drugged her up some more. She is making progress though and doing great, we could not ask her to do anything more than she is doing.

Today she is 6 months old. What a journey this has been.. I plan to save these blog entries for her later to read and so I wanted to write specifically to her for a minute....
Happy 6 month birthday, little miracle. You are incredible. You've given us more joy in these 6 months than I could ever tell you. I have learned and grown so much from you. You teach me about patience, strength, endurance, hope, love, compassion, gratitude and so much more. You make everyone around you want to be better and live better lives. I lack the words sometimes to tell you what you mean to me, what you do to my heart. Mommy loves you and I am so proud of you, my little angel. Look at what you've accomplished in 6 short months! Look at how much you've overcome and fought through! Your daddy and big brother adore you, you have stolen all of our hearts...

I feel very humbled tonight as I think about the 6 months I've had with her that I wasn't sure I'd ever get. And I know there is much more time to come. I remember in my pregnancy, doctor after doctor told us to basically not expect much from her. That if she even made it through the pregnancy at all, it would be close to a miracle, and even if she did, surgery might be too much for her. I really let that get to me, I never expected to have her in my life. I tried to move on, even when she was still growing inside me everyday, kicking me and hiccuping. It was an aweful feeling, I tried to not get attached to her, and I tried to tell myself to already look to the next pregnancy. Each day since Febuary 29th, I have let go of those thoughts little by little and have been able to replace them with so much hope. So tonight as I watch her rest and hold her little swollen hand, my heart is extremely full.

Moving tosies

They are going to attempt to let Bela 'wake up' a bit to see how she reacts to being less sedated. She's been complelety out all day just to let her get some rest, but they want to see how she'll do coming out of it a little. Both times she's been a little less sedated she's had a very hard time, so please pray that she does okay this time. If she does, we can move forward some. She's starting to move her little feet and I have to say I love it!! She looks a little less puffy too, and they're actually going to come off her diaretic a little now. Way to go Bela!

Day 2

Today has been a little up and down. We were woken up around 4:30 because Bela was having a little crisis. Her heart rate should be in the 120's or so and it was about 210 for awhile. No one knew what was going on or why it was so high. That's the worst part. They gave her a drug that stops the heart for just a second, in hopes that it will start beating again right away with a better, slower rythm. They had the pacer wires all ready to start her heart again for her if it didn't start back up on it's own but thankfully it did. It jumped right back up however to the low 200's. The tension in the room was thick, or maybe I was just so nervous that's how it felt. We're not sure what is provoking these scary periods for her. Her heart rate has slowly been making its way down all day today, right now it is about 140, so the rest of the day has been much better. At one point a few hours ago her saturations came down again, not as low as yesterday, but they had to bag her for awhile (give her some manual breaths), and that helped her get them back up. The rest of the day has gone by pretty smoothly. We're still a little on edge though since they seem to come on so suddenly. Her goal for right now is to just stay calm and get some of the fluid off her. She is more puffy today as you can tell from the pictures, which is totally normal, but she should start to get rid of some of it now. She has been peeing a lot better this afternoon which is really good. Pray that she'll keep peeing good, because once she gets more fluid off we can hopefully move forward with weaning her ventilator settings, but it'll probably be a very slow process. That's okay though, whatever Bela needs right now, but I can't even say how hard it is so see her this way. I had a little cry today with another mommy of a baby that just had the same surgery as Bel, and we both were saying how much harder this time around is since we got our babies at home for awhile and know the lively, smiley version of them and not the one we see before us now. It's hard. I look at her and know it's Bela, but I don't see my Bela in that face. It's just so hard to see her so 'lifeless'. It's an aweful feeling, and I really have to not let myself think too much about it or it's too much. I just pray that she's not scared or hurting. I know that this time will pass, but when you're in it it seems like it never will. We're so proud of her though, she has been through so much and is doing so well. She has really liked to be sung to today.
They are doing an echo right now to look at her left pulmonary artery because it is a little small because of the band the was around it. I'm not sure what that means right now, but I'll find out soon I'm sure when they come talk to me. It worries me a little that they wanted to get another look because they just did one this morning. But then again, what isn't worrying me right now? People have been asking how I'm doing through all this.. Well, as you can probably imagine, not too great. But I'm trying to keep it inside, and keep the feeling in Bela's room calm and peaceful, like she needs right now. She knows that I'm right here and that I'm so happy with her and proud of what she is doing. Sometimes I'm better than other times, and I really do try and not think too much. I know that sounds wierd, but I can't let myself do that. It is incredibly difficult to see your baby go through so much. I remember coming to tour the floor before Bela was born and thinking that there was no way I could see my baby that way. But when it's happening, you just do what you have to do I guess.

I appreciate SO much all your comments. They bring me to tears most of the time. I'm especially grateful to all the heart moms out there who have been so supportive and encouraging to me through all this. It's comforting to know that others know exactly what we're feeling and going through, and that it does get better.
We are so especially grateful at this time for our faith and for the knowledge that families are forever. I am grateful that she is mine forever, and that I have a loving Savior that is helping us through this. I really do feel Him near.

Here's some pictures from today. We are almost through the first 48 hours, but I'm not feeling too much relief yet...if anything a little more nervous, but we are hanging in there. Things could definatley be going much worse, so there is a lot to be grateful for right now. She is doing very well for two days post-op.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures and update

Here is my view of my babydoll as I type this. Not really how you want to see your baby..

Has it really only been one day?
Sorry to make you wait, but what a day it has been! A couple times now I've wanted to steal some of Bela's calming meds for myself. I asked the nurse to order a constant drip for me too, but she wouldn't. :)
So, her night went pretty good with no major happenings. She woke up a few times very mad, but was able to get settled with her drug of choice, Adavan. It's her happy drug..most of the other ones don't really touch her. Anyway, everytime it was almost time for the next dose she'd wake up with a vengeance, thrashing around and super mad. It is extremely hard to watch. I can't even imagine what goes through her head when she starts to wake up or how she feels. I don't want to. It rips my heart in two. She tried to cry but can't because of the breathing tube, but the tears still flow from her eyes. I try and calm her by talking to her and touching her but she seems to react so much to my voice and so I don't want to get her even more worked up. She must wonder why I'm here and I'm not doing anything about the way she feels. So when she gets agitated, they have been able to give her more meds and she usually calms back down. But just a few hours ago she started getting really mad again. We gave her meds and the nurse changed her position. For some reason she did NOT like that. She didn't tolerate the change in position at all. Her oxygen sats were getting low as well as her pressures. She turned beet red, and was working very hard against the ventilator to breathe. She was not letting it do the work for her, she was fighting it like crazy which was wierd with all the sedation she had been given. Then just about an hour ago her sats drops in seconds to the 40's. It was one of those moments when the world stops and you can't remember to breathe. My body was flooded with fear. There were a bunch of people in here trying to figure out what was going on. They gave her manual breathes with the bag, but she was still fighting those. They got her sats to come back up though when they gave her very heavy sedation and she finally calmed down. She is back to resting and is stabalized again. Just another day in the life of little Bela right?!
This morning we were working towards getting the breathing tube out, now she's back on full support and the weaning is being held off. Doesn't really even look like it'll be out by tomorrow at this point, but Bela will tell us. They like to get the tube out as early as possible after the Glenn because they have so much pressure built up in their heads from increased blood flow to the head and the tube can add to that pressure. So needless to say I was excited to be going towards getting it out. But I know better than to get excited about things... You have to put your emotions in check and take everything minute by minute. The ICU floor right now is craziness...there has been WAY too much happening. When your daughter is critical, you want everything to be calm so that she gets more attention, but it seems that 3/4s of the floor is critical right now.
So for now she is resting and I'm so grateful for that. She's now 24 hours out of surgery...HORRAY!

Since I havn't posted pictures in awhile, here's some from the last couple of weeks til today.
Here's Bela on the day of her Cath, before it obviously..

And here's after her cath. She slept for awhile, then watched some TV..:

This is Bel the day before surgery, my beauty:

This is after they got the IV in and the bloodwork...She was exhausted and drifted off to sleep with her IV sock hand.

And here's yesterdays pics, immediatley post op:

These are from today, she's a little more puffy today, but she still looks really good for what she went through, I think.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post Glenn!!!

So many emotions flood through you when you're going through this... It's really overwhelming to walk back into the room and see her and all the equipment that surrounds her. I thought this time might be easier because we've done this, twice, but it's really not. This was Bel's first surgery with actual corrective work and I'm starting to realize that her first surgery was a piece of cake. But, I do have to say that everything has gone very very smooth. We've been with her now for about four hours. The first three hours were craziness, but it has settled down quite a bit and Bela is just resting very peacefully. Her blood pressures were high at first, but they are right where they should be now. Dr. Nigro, her surgeon, said that all her numbers are right where they should be at this point. He did say that the next 48 hours however will be critical. For now she looks great and we are all SO glad to have this day come to an end. We have a very good nurse tonight (Rhonda, for those that are wondering) and so she will be in good hands.
I feel so helpless through all this. I remembered that feeling immediatley when I walked in the room. Everyone doing so many things to your child and you just stand in the corner and pray. I hear them talk and make decisions to go up on this, go down on that, give her some of this, and you have no say. It's just wierd after having all the say in her care (well, some of it I guess) to having none and just watching and hoping they make the right decisions.
It's just me and my Bela now and I can't even say how much I love this girl. There are A LOT of people on the floor right now, every single room is full which has never happened during our time here. I feel like just telling everyone how amazing she is, how much she's been through, and how far she's come. I am so grateful to be here, to be post Glenn, because we never knew if this day would come for us. Her little body, however weak her anatomy may be, is fighting so hard. Last night she was putting on a show for everyone, smiling, talking, and kicking her arms and legs. I guess she was happy to have made it here too.
I'm going to get in my comfy little cot now to try and get some sleep, but I will post again in the morning. I feel like I can never say this enough, but thank you for being with us today through the blog and for your comments. Thank you for your prayers as well.
I promise pictures will come tomorrow.. We left our cord at home today. :(
We FINALLY got an update after what seemed like FOREVER. One of the surgeons came in and said they finished the repairs, and everything 'looked good' to him. they are always very careful with the words they use, but we were happy with the report. They were able to do everything they needed to do and there were no surprises. They were happy with how things went.. There was a lot of scar tissue to get through since she has been opened twice already, so they may not be able to close her up due to swelling. I have not had to see her chest open yet and I hope I don't have to, but we'll see in the next hour or so. They had to cool the room down to slow down blood flow and preserve organ function during some of the procedure, so they are warming her body back up now. They will keep her down there for a few more hours to watch for bleeding and/or problems. I just can't wait to have her back.
One of my biggest fears throughout all this was coming off the bypass machine, but Bela is already off and had no problems!! HUGE SIGH!! Hopefully she will be able to stay off now throughout the day, tonight, and tomorrow. Now we start the crucial 24 hour recovery period...
For those of you who care, or for our 'heart' friends who've been through this, this is what they did (in morons terms)... They took off the bands off her PA's and removed the stent from the first surgery, connected the superior vena cava to the right pulmonary artery, patched a narrowing in her aorta, connected the aorta to the left pulmonary artery to bypass the left ventrice and mitral valve completley. So there you have it...
We havn't been back in our room yet, but when we're in the room later I will post pictures. I took a bunch of my sweetheart before she went off. I'm not sure if anyone wants to see her post op pictures because I'm sure they'll be hard to look at, but hopefully we've broken everyone in by her previous surgery pics...
This is THE LONGEST day of my life...time seems to be going by at half speed... She's already been in there for 6 1/2 hours!! uhhh! So far so good though, so we are VERY hopeful and grateful at this point! We are feeling your prayers...THANK YOU!!
Bela's chest was opened up around nine and she is now on the heart and lung bypass machine, so now the real work is beginning.. That's not much, but it's all the update we've recieved so far..

Operating Room

Dad here. Bela had a really calm night and was so sweet this morning. We just got back from taking her to the operating room and that is never fun, we feel calm and at peace with everything. The anethesiologist emphasized how long our day was going to be so you might see periodic posts from Avery and I just to pass the time. Thank you again for all the prayers in our behalf.

And now mom... I just sat here for a couple minutes without knowing what to type... And that's just how I feel. No words really to explain the feelings, but it's a lot of emotions mixed up together. My nerves woke up with me this morning bright and early. Yesterday I was having a hard time with sending her off so 'perfect' to come back so beat up, but my mom corrected me and told me she's going off pretty beat up, and will come back more 'perfect' than she is now. At least that is the plan... So I'm trying my hardest to think that way, the postive way. This will make her better and stronger. It is still hard, and the tears still flow. They let me hold her and kiss her before they took her from my arms. She slept until just a couple minutes before they took her so i was very grateful for that.
They got a line in last night with ONE poke!!! It was the best IV experience yet. They also got blood from one stick too. She was all smiles after, watched cartoons for awhile (her favorite), and had a good nights sleep, even though they had to give her two baths in the middle of the night (she was NOT happy about being woken up for that). Everyone knows her around her, even down in the OR. THe anestesiologist team that took her knew her already and so that was nice.
So now we wait..

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm going to attempt to make a post, but really I am so dead tired so I hope it ends up making some sense.. :) Bela hasn't been sleeping too great the last few nights..

Tanner and I are always running into people or hearing of people that say they check our blog a lot. I knew that there were lots of good people out there keeping tabs on Bela and her progress. I keep getting more and more nervous to write posts thinking of how many people might read them... We decided to install a counter on our blog to see just how many people come by to check up on her. In 5 days we've had 2200 people. WOW. At first it made me never want to write again for fear of how many people read this. :) But then it made me amazed to have so many people that care about us and what we're going through. It makes me so grateful to think of so many people supporting us and going through this whole journey with us. Today was a good day because a lot of you spent today fasting and praying for our little girl. It is incredibly touching and comforting.

I read Tanners last post and it sorta made me feel sad. No offense to you Tan :), and not to down play the seriousness of all this, but I hope it didn't convey to everyone else feelings of sadness. Yes, I am feeling very emotional and scared at times, but we could not be more grateful for what we've been given so far. To have had Bela this long, when we were told to expect no time at all. To have had her here in our home, to kiss her goodnight every night. I bring her in bed with me every morning when she first starts to fuss and she goes back to sleep for another hour or so. THen I get to wake up to her beautiful blue eyes and a huge grin. It's my favorite. She is such a tiny little thing, but the spirit she brings into our lives is unbelivably great. I wish everyone could spend time with her and feel of it. We've been so blessed the last two months to have her home and to be in such a good position for this surgery. She is 11 pounds 5 ounces!! That alone is an amazing acheivement for her. She wasn't even 8 pounds yet at 4 1/2 months old. While there is lots and lots about this that is incredibly hard to go through, there has been soo much happiness and joy found along the way. I feel very much at peace that she will be kept in the Lord's hands throughout this surgery and recovery, as she has been for the past 6 months. We all will be. I am feeling very hopeful.

She has been showing us signs for a while now that she is ready, and so for that I am actually anxious for it to come. She is just not a very happy baby most of the time and it gets really hard. I just want her to feel better, and I hope this will do that for her. I want her to be able to eat and not throw up various times each day. I want her to be able to go out and enjoy the world without worrying about germs or getting sick. I can't wait until she can stay awake longer than an hour without getting so worn out.

We will get called in sometime on Tuesday and will do all the pre op stuff as well as have our consult with the surgeons. We'll stay the night and she'll be taken around 7 a.m. in the morning. She is the only case that day cuz it will take most of the day. I'll keep updates gives me something to do during the waiting period and uplifts me so much to think that we're not going through it alone. We sooo appreciate your prayers and your support.

Good night!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Biggest Gainer...

Dad here. Bela has finally achieved her 5 kilo weight goal! The cardiologist said that we should celebrate, so I have booked a room at St. Joes for an indefinate period of time starting this Tuesday. They provide complementary soft drinks, with great crushed ice and terrible cafeteria dining. The surgery is on track for Wednesday. They have scheduled Bela with the surgeon's for the entire day. Needless to say Avery is a little emotional and I try and mask it by working and eating. We are now trying to prepare emotionally and spiritually for this long awaited procedure. Many of you have expressed prayers and concern thinking the surgery was this week. We know come Tuesday and Wednesday Avery and I will need the prayers as much as Bela. As many of you can imagine we look forward to this surgery because Bela's heart can not continue much longer without it, but can't stomach the unknown. We have faith in the plan of salvation and trust that whatever is supposed to happen will, but with that said its hard. We love our Bela and can't stand to think about the pain she will once again endure.

We appreciate all the love and support.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Bel

I'm so proud of my little Bel. She did SO well!! Tanner was so nice to make those last two posts for me to keep everyone updated while I was at the hospital all day today with Bela. Like he said, she did wonderfully well, we saw her right after they finished and she was already extubated and sucking hard on her binky..just like always. It was so good to see her so 'normal'. I never know what she'll come back like. Everyone was so excited to see her (this was our longest stay away), and everyone kept coming in to see her and commenting on how 'huge' she is!:) The cath took about half the time they told us to expect and the findings were basically that she is in a very good position for her Glenn Procedure. They thought there was a good chance that they'd have to balloon open an area in her aorta, but they did not think that was necessary once they were in there. It was all great news. She slept a lot of the day and was sound asleep when I forced myself out tonight. She sleeps a good 10 hours straight at night now, so I figured she'd be ok. THe best news of the day is that we don't have to stay until surgery!!! Everything looked good enough to spend the next 2 weeks awaiting surgery at home with her. I can't begin to say how happy that news made me!!! She should be on her way home with us in the morning. That was all so much easier than we anticipated and I am a very grateful mommy tonight!

So far so good

Bela's cath went as good if not better than could have been expected. All the prayers were felt today. The cardiologist was able to get into the vein much faster than planned and his findings were as good as could have been hoped for. At this point any news other than bad news, is great news, if that makes sense. For today, Bela is scheduled for surgery two weeks from today. They wanted to make sure the A-Team was all scheduled and available. We haven't gotten a full play by play of what they surgery will entail, but for today, Bela is fine. Cath went well. We are blessed. More to come.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Try again tomorrow.

Dad here..... Wanted to give everyone an update, or should I say not much of one. By about 1:00 pm today, they decided they would push the cath off until tomorrow. Bela is right now set for her cath at 7:30 am. We appreciate all the comments and prayers in our behalf, if you don't mind, please keep em coming. More to come following the cath.

Today is the day

In a couple hours we'll take Bel in for her cath...I'm trying not to, but I keep thinking that this might be our last morning at home for a long time. We've been told that it's very likely we'll just stay in the ICU until her surgery. We don't know much right now, the cath is supposed to give us some answers and direction, but the surgery will most likely be anywhere from a few days from today to 3 weeks. I can't believe it's all here already..
Please, for those of you who read this today, say a little prayer for her. Although Cath's are not a huge deal compared to what she's been through and will go through, anything for Bela can be hard on her.
Thank you for your prayers, your words of comfort and support, and for following Bela's journey with us. I will update more when we know..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Surgery for Bens

My sweet little Benson had his procedure done today. All went well. He was starving and nervous while we waited. He relaxed a little when the PA came out and started talking to him about going with her to pick out a balloon and eat a popcicle. After a little convicing, he decided that sounded like fun so he took her hand and walked out of the room with her. It was a different experience to watch my child 'walk' away from us to the OR instead of pushed away in a crib. I'm not really sure if he ever got the popcicle or if it's just a way to get him back there...I hope he did. Anyway, it took about an hour, the doctor came out and said 'it' (that's what we'll call it) was farther up than originally anticipated and he thought he might have to do a more serious proecdure to bring it all the way down (involving cutting veins and yadda yadda--my first thought was, OH PLEASE NO!), but he was able to bring it down far enough to keep it safely functioning. It is still not all the way down where it should be, but good enough. I was SOO grateful that it did not require all that. And the hernia was 'rather large' as well. It was strange to see Bensons name on my hospital band this time.
He woke up from anesthesia very angry. He was kicking and screaming and he wasn't sure what the heck was going on. It was sad.. They gave him something to calm him down and we got to come home. What a LONG day it's been! He threw up twice and was soo miserable and complained all day that it hurt. They told us he'd probably sleep most of the day and he slept for like 10 minutes. The rest of the time he whimpered and sobbed. He's been so cuddly and just wants to be held. He kept saying, Benson can't walk Mommy..his anesthesia hadn't quite worn off. (He always talks in third person) He did get really excited over some spiderman fruit snacks that his best friend Ethan brought him to make him feel better... so cute.
It's nice that it's over with. Hopefully the incision will heal ok and we have no further problems with 'it'. :) He isn't supposed to do any 'significant physical activities' like swimming, riding bike, or playing at the park for a month... that should be fun to try and get a two year old to not do all his favorite things..:)

Trying to keep him occupied and happy before suregery...He put on the yellow hospital socks but refused to take his clothes off and put on the gown...