Friday, January 28, 2011

Still no baby...

Getting anxious for her to come! On Tuesday I was dilated to a 3 and 100% effaced and had my membranes stripped. So where is she?! :) If anything I've had less contractions.. I am sooo ready to be done and meet her! Any tips on how to get this going?!

Monday, January 17, 2011

thoughts...nearing the end

Today I was having trouble staying positive and patient as I near the end of my pregnancy. It's like this switch goes off when your getting close and you're no longer able to just enjoy it anymore.. Well.. that and you do get tired of the back pain, peeing every 20 minutes, heaving a giant belly from side to side trying desperately to just fall asleep, being out of breath from walking up the stairs, not being able to bend over... I could keep going but... I'll stop. I'm just ready to have a functional body and energy level back again.

....BUT.. how amazing is it that I grew a baby inside me? There's a sweet, full term baby girl getting all ready to come out and meet us. It's amazing.. it never gets old. Benson changed everything for us, then Bela came along and changed everything again.... all for the better. I can't wait to bring another into our family, to be loved and adored by her brother and sister. At this point in my pregnancy with Bela I was going to the dr. every other day to make sure she was still alive. It was painful. There was not much to be excited about and my heart felt so heavy. Every night when I'm (trying to) go to sleep, I put my hands on my tummy to feel her and get that little rush of excitement that something so BIG is about to happen to us, and that it will all be okay this time around..

I can't wait.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I hate when I go this long in between posts...then I don't know where to begin!
We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family time. My parents even got to be home from Brazil and spend a few days after christmas with us!

Benson and Bela are growing up too fast.. I wish we could freeze them both in their current ages. Benson is creative, imaginative, funny, and all boy. He is a different super hero every hour of every day and is usually creating something with his art stuff. He would rather stay home and play all day than leave the house to go anywhere, including school.
Bela is hilarious, sweet, smart, and full of personality. She comes up with the funniest things to say in her tiny little voice. She is mischievous and always getting into something she shouldn't be and then when she's found holds her little finger up to her lips and says, "shhh". She likes to dress up and 'get married' all the time like all her princess friends and like Rachel just did.

Bens and Bel are best friends. They play all the time together. It's so nice when that finally happened. Right now they are dancing together as Rapunzel and Dash. They are getting to be so easy. So what am I doing throwing in another one? :)
Actually, I am SO excited to have this little girl. I am most excited about the normal things I'll get to do with her like hold her right after she's born for hours and just stare at every inch of her, give her baths, nurse her in the quiet night hours, smell her newborn head and kiss it whenever I want, carry her around in a baby carrier, and go on walk... just to name a few. There were so many things I missed doing with Bela and it feels like forever ago that I was able to do them with Benson.
I still have some worries...don't know why.. I know she's healthy. I still have this small thought in my mind that something will go wrong. I think there'll be a moment after she's born when we're home and it'll probably be dark and quiet and I'm holding her in my arms and it'll just hit me that everything is really OKAY. It is almost here and it's SO exciting.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to stay busy so time goes by. Whenever I hit 36 weeks I get impatient and anxious. I was sleeping fine until last week, and I'm starting to ache in lots of places.. The last month is rotten. I'm grateful for these sweet two to keep me busy..