Monday, July 20, 2009

Much happier!

Since Friday afternoon Bela has been doing so much better! Two days of shots and she was feeling much better and has been sleeping and eating since. Yeah! (by eating I mean being tube fed and not throwint it up.) Everytime we make some progress with eating orally, she gets sick and by the time she starts feeling better it's like we've started over. I think eating is just such a bother to her, since she's never really had to do it herself. She just dosn't want to stop for 2 minutes to eat.
Anyway, it is nice to have her back, we missed our happy girl. She is back to blowing kisses, waving at everyone, saying baby 500 times a day (her favorite word), crawling over to the bath pointing at it and saying "ba!", dropping everything so she can say UH-OH, and climbing up the stairs..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Since we've been home...

Bela has been SICK. It's been so long and I forgot how much I hate seeing her suffer.. She's been sick for almost two weeks now, and yesterday it just got so much worse. Vomiting 24/7, exhausted but can't stay asleep, congestion, fever, u name it. She has another bad ear infection on top of something else viral. So took her in today for a shot of antibiotic to try to speedily get her feeling better. It was a long dr.'s visit, and for some reason I decided to have a breakdown during the shot portion (and awhile after it too). I hate when the nurse tells me to hold her down good because it's a really big needle and it'll probably hurt her a lot. And then to watch her for wierd breathing, which I thought was scary enough, but then she adds apnea (periods of no breathing). I'll take wierd breathing, thanks. Or rash all over her body or her leg swelling up. So that coupled with her incessant crying, 3 hours of sleep the last three nights, I just had a cry. The worst part is I have to go back the next two days and do the same thing! Poor girlie.
So she's tucked in her bed, compltletly zonked out, with continous feeds going that I HOPE will stay down because she hasn't really hasn't kept one ounce down or had a wet diaper.
The frusterating part is that we try SO hard to keep her from germs. She rarely leaves the house, we wash hands and sanitize, I try to bathe her soon after we come home from anywhere germ friendly...
She'll get better again..
Her cardiology apt last week went well. No change in heart function, everything looks okay, but the tricuspid valve is still real leaky. In 7 wks however she did not gain ONE ounce! What else is new tho.. :)
I'm grateful we're doing as good as were doing...