Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can you see the smile?

Here he/she is...baby #2. I did have some new pictures after all...

So cute!

No pictures :(

I feel like I'm letting such a fun stage of life go by without taking any pictures.. I'm usually pretty good at remembering to snap some here and there, but for some reason lately I am having a hard time remembering to. Actually, I'm having problems remembering anything and I know exactly why.. Pregnancy makes me feel like I can't really get a handle on life, like my brain isn't fully functional. At this point in my pregnancy (3 1/2 months) I just feel fat and stupid. Great, huh. But at least the nausea has subsided for the most part and the vomiting has decreased. I'd take fat and stupid over that any day. :) This is the part of pregnancy I love though.. 2nd trimester is great, you're not sick and you're still small enough to feel good, but you actually look pregnant. So I'm looking forward to that. It was amazing to see my 2 inch, perfectly formed baby jumping around on the ultrasound screen a couple weeks ago. I'll never get used to seeing that, it was no less exciting this time around. It's absolutley amazing what our bodies are capable of. Anyways, it's really hard for me to believe I'll soon be a mother of two..but what could be better? Benson needs a little buddy to play with, and I'm completley baby hungry and so excited to bring another sweet baby into the world. I just hope this baby has benson's personality. He's always been so good, calm, and sweet. I'm so lucky...
On Saturday we're off to California to spend 10 days with my parents. We're going to take a little road trip to Vegas to see Erin and her family and Lauren and Eden. It'll be so good to see everyone, and escape the heat. Hopefully just one more month of it..yeah!