Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Staying cool

This is what we have to do to stay cool in AZ...wear as little clothes as you can (for Benson that's usually a lot less than the rest of us) and suck on popcicles.

Or just stay inside and hide in the pantry..or go through daddy's wallet. So fun! THe funny things that entertain 2 year olds..'s some pics of the house. We're pretty sure we've found our home for awhile..

THis is my favorite part...the park right next to us! it's soo close! Now I just need it to be under 110 to be able to use it. Soon, or I might go crazy.

This is Bensons favorite room..go figure. His playroom! He loves it. He plays so good in it all by himself. And he loves his coloring table.

Here's Bensons room. Complete with Benson. He's sleeping in his crib in this picture. I painted it brown a couple weeks's fun, but still a work in progress. As soon as he gets his big boy bed we'll be able to use the bedding (that goes with the brown and the surf theme) that's on the chair in this pic.

Here's the family room and kitchen. We've slowly been adding furniture, and it's coming along. Now we just need to replace our bite size tv with something to fill the hole. In time...