Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So I'm a little slow at getting these pictures from our trip to hawaii up... I love it when life gets so busy that you really feel like there are just not enough hours in a day. That's how things have been for us and I love it! I don't like having too much time on my hands...I'm much happier when I'm busy. But it was soo nice to just relax and slow down in Hawaii. My sweet boy did so good with grandma. Everytime I'd call to check on him I'd hear laughing in the background. It was so nice to know he was having so much fun. Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa (and uncle stu, graf, and aunt julie!).

Hawaii was so beautiful...

We ate lots,

went to a magic show,

went zip lining (so fun)

and just spent lot of good, quality time together.

It was a perfect vacation...
Now it's been back to life for us. We move in 2 weeks and have been busy getting ready for that. It's so nice to get neat and organized. I love to get rid of's a great feeling.
Benson is loving life and learning so much. He is still facinated by cars, trucks, and airplanes, balls, spiderman, and being outside. I don't know if he picked it up from Jordan (moats) or just learned on his own, but he answers 'yea' to everything you ask him. I love it. He's starting to talk lots...his newest words are cheese, show (for baby einstein), poop :), car, Jesus, more, help, chips, wow. He says so much. He loves to say prayers with us and folds his arms the whole time. He usually repeats the last word of every sentence, then yells Jesus at the end. There is nothing that makes me happier than spending time with him. And now that Tan is done with school (!!!!!!!!) we get to see lots more of DADA too! Life got a lot better for us on May 12th (graduation day).. Graduation was awesome, and it was nice for Tanner to get some well deserved recognition for all the hard work that went into working full time and getting his MBA at night. I am so proud..

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I've done it again..and again. Bens and I just got back from spending almost an entire week in California and I didnt take one picture while we were there!! I even had my camera the whole time. And today we went to the zoo and I forgot to even take my camera! I got that unfortunate flaw from my mom...she never remembers to take her camera anywhere. Hence I have about 5 pictures of me under the age of 10 total. And a single 2 minute video clip of me. (she was great at everything else..:)) It's really kinda sad so I'm trying to do better with Bens...I'm still working on it obviously. These are just some random pictures since I have nothing really cool from our trip or the zoo to put on here...

This isn't even our rocking's our neighbors but he loves it. They don't mind..:)

He never wants to take a picture with me, and I really want one. I'll keep trying.

the 3 amigos

Benson has been so lucky to have Ethan and Jordan to play with...they have so much fun together. Surprisingly, Benson is 3 months younger than both of them.(this picture dosn't really show it but he's a few inches taller than either of them and everyone always thinks he's the oldest)... Aren't they so cute together?!