Saturday, June 26, 2010

my sweethearts

This is for no special reason in particular, it's just time. This is one of those just for me posts..:)
All about Benson at 41/2:
You still LOVE superheroes.
You newest obsession is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
You love to play outside, especially riding your bike.
You loved preschool and know all your letters and letter sounds and can write a few words, but you would not participate in your graduation. You stayed behind the door hiding when everyone else walked in the room. We were wondering where you were and you were nervous to come in. It made me smile because you're just like me. Then when it was time to say the poem I know you had memorized, you didn't say a word. Oh and you refused to wear your hat. But it was cute to me because it is just who you are.
You're so creative and imaginative when you play.
You love to make up stories and I could listen to them all day long.
You still sometimes confuse yesterday and tomorrow and I think it's funny.
Your best friend are Ethan, Jaden, and Eden.
I still have to buy pants with a built-in belt and usually tighten them all the way.
You love doing things with just Daddy.
You like to pick out your own clothes everday.
You like to make up words and then laugh at yourself.
It took you until you were 4 to finally be fully potty trained. You just simply did not want to stop playing to go. I'm glad that's over..
You like to eat with chopsticks.
You still love to dress up in super hero costumes, but not everyday like you used to. Sometimes you just need a cape and then you can imagine you're anyone you want to be.
You hate getting your hair done and having 'stuff' in your hair. It really bothers you and it's such a shame cuz you're so handsome when it's done.
You LOVE your sister and still always make sure she is okay if she's sad. Seriuosly, you amaze me with how kind you are to her.
If I put you to bed you always want me to sing "sweet little Benson".. you say "it's kinda a baby song but it's okay because it makes me happy".
You eat just about everything, but your favorites are probably peanut butter and jelly, potstickers, toast with honey, and ceasar salad. You are a great little eater and I am SO grateful that you are.
You could draw, color, and cut for hours. You even like to make your own books.
You love book of mormon stories.
You are sweet and compassionate.. you like to tell me that nobody is better than anybody else. You also tell me often when you see Bela's scar that you don't want anyone to cut Bela again.
I wonder when you will stop wanting me to kiss your owies when you hurt yourself. I'm so glad it still makes you feel better.
You teach me that learning is exciting and that there is something amazing in even the simplest things.
You're getting SO big, helpful, grown-up, and smart. It's exciting and sad for me at the same time.
You bring so much to our family and make us smile with your fun, sweet personality. You've always been so calm and easy and I am so grateful for your good natured little self. You are so loved little man, I can't begin to tell you how much.

Bela at 2:
You are truly amazing in every way. You're special, there's no doubt about it.
You have such a funny personality and you make us laugh everyday. You have so many expressions and we could sit and watch you all day.
You love to take baths and start taking your clothes off mulitple times a day yelling, 'Bath!'
Your favorite thing to say at the moment is "Look at that!" about everything! Your world is so exciting. It is becoming less of a scary place to you and you are much more comfortable with 'life'. You were very unsure about it for awhile and I don't blame you. It is just so nice to see you enjoying it more and more.
You still don't go to church with us because we want to keep you as healthy as possible. I miss you every week though and long for you to be in my arms at church.
You LOVE music. Some of your favorite songs are sweet little Bela, Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Hearing any of those songs always cheers you up.
You still do not eat everything you need by mouth but you have come SOOO far, and I am SO proud of you. Food is now enjoyable to you and it isn't a scary thing anymore. You just eat like a little mouse.
Your favorite foods are probably noodles, cheez-its, and yogurt.
You love your naps, but you go like crazy until it's time.
You love playing in the sand.
You like to go in the car, but not for very long. You're so excited to get in, then 3 minutes later you want to go home.
You love princesses and your pink ballerina skirt from Aunt Lauren.
You love the TV (too much). Your favorites are Dora, Caillou, and Diego.
You love books and to read, but like the car, you are usually only interested in a book until about half way through and then you want a 'new one'.
You don't like to be told no. You bury your little face in your hands and cry until I can't say no anymore.
You have angel eyes. Pure, sweet, and innocent. I feel closest to heaven when I'm with you.
You can say anything now and even use a few sentences, which is funny because you're so tiny.. 21 lbs tiny.
It's a struggle to get you to grow, but you are, slowly.
You will finally let the echo tech do an echo on you without screaming. It is a very nice change. And you are even getting much better about getting your blood pressure too.
You had your first doctors appointment a couple weeks ago where you didn't throw up from being so nervous. YEAH!
You are my greatest teacher. You remind me to be strong when I feel weak. You make me remember what is important, and when I look at you, it is easy to see who we truly are.
Sometimes when I hold you late at night when you are having a hard time going to sleep, I can't help but remember how hopeless we felt when you were first diagnosed. I can remember so vividly certain experiences we had with you, amazing and painful. You are here for a reason. I know that because you statistically shouldn't be here, and I have watched you pull through time and time again when you shouldn't have. You have been blessed and protected your whole life and it has been a priviledge to be a part of it all.
I can't express how lucky I am to be your mommy, and how much we love you.

Upcoming Cath

I'm going to try to end my blogging slump.. Not sure why my posts have been so few and far in between.
Lots has been going on. We saw Bela's cardiology team just one month after the last appointment I wrote about because it looks like she's going to need a cath in July. This cath was very unexpected for me so it has taken me awhile to wrap my brain around it and get used to the idea. I DON'T want Bela to be back in the hospital and under anethesia and be cut again and of course whenever there's possibility of something going wrong, it worries me to death. But Cath's are something that I'm told she'll probably need about every year of her life, so I better get used to it. So anyway, I'm not sure the exact date yet, but it will probably be mid-end of July, and it'll be here way too fast. They need to get some real accurate measurements to get a better idea of what's going on in her heart, and they will most likely balloon open a portion of her aorta that is too narrow and causing pressure build-up for her only good valve. The only issue is, Turner Syndrome causes the tissue in the aorta to be very weak, so they are cautious to say the least about doing this, but they feel it is best.
So that's that. Some good news...IF they are able to successfully stretch open the aorta with the balloon enough, we may be able to push back her big surgery a WHOLE YEAR! So not next summer but the summer after that. That would be fantastic due to the snail pace of her growth. If she had a whole year to grow bigger, I would feel SO much better! We'll see.

As far as other news, me and my babies are in California at my parent's house for 5 days, and guess what?! My parents are actually in their house! (they live in Brasil and only come home a couple times a year) I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to basically have both my mom and dad to myself for a whole 5 days! I miss them so much being so far away. It's always SO nice to be home, and to have them here is just wonderful. Not to mention this PERFECT weather.. I just want to sit outside all day long! Love it!

Here's a couple pictures from Tanner's little bro's wedding day. It was such a great day and I couldn't be happier about my new sister!