Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face or find the ground.. I am elated! We are having another precious baby GIRL. More pink it is!!

A baby girl with a beautiful, healthy heart with 4 chambers that I did count out loud. And then I cried.

I realized as soon as I laid down on the table that I was extremely nervous. All the sudden I realized I was about to find out if there was something wrong and I didn't want to go thru with it. What if? I wasn't ready to handle it. But we had the same tech that did Bela's ultrasound and found her heart defect and she knew how I was feeling. So she went straight for the heart and right away up popped the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever seen. 4 chambers and a nice, big left ventricle. I don't think until right then I realized how much I'd worried I wouldn't see that, and it felt amazing to see it so clearly.

I want to remember this.. The tech said on a little 8 ounce baby it is extremeley difficult to get as great of pictures of her heart as we were able to get. She said our little girlie was in the perfect position right from the start to get perfectly clear images of her heart. She must've known I needed to be comforted today. It was a tender mercy.

Then I met with Dr. Huish who further told me it was perfect and that all other measurments were too. He told me to stop worrying and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. Feels soooo good!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pink or Blue?!?

Tomorrow is our 'big' ultrasound. For me, the 19 week ultrasound used to just mean finding out the sex of the baby. Now I feel like it's more of an afterthought, although still ultra-exctiting. I cannot wait to know if another baby boy or girl will join our family, but oh how I want to see a healthy baby on that screen!! I want to hear that everything is measuring perfectly and that the heart has 4 beautiful functioning chambers. I want to see them and count them. And then I might finally let go of that tugging worry that I've been trying to dismiss for 19 weeks. I'm so nervous, but I'm ready.
I've started to feel some good movement this last week.. I just LOVE that part of pregnancy! I've been waiting {not so patiently} for those first movements.. It has been reassuring to me, and I'll take it..
Wish us luck! :)