Friday, October 2, 2009


We went to the cardiologist yesterday and had another terrific appointment. Bela showed off her new walking skills to everyone and cried whenever anyone got close to her. That's my Bela.. She was up in weight! :) Her current weight is 18 lbs 11 ounces. Maybe by her 2nd bday she'll be legally turned around in her carseat..
She got to skip the echo because when I got there for her echo I was told she didn't have one. She really did there was just some confusion and by the time it was all figured out, it was late and they let us just skip it... I wasn't complanining, although it always nice to know her heart was seen by her doctors. We go back soon enough tho..

Today was day 2 for Tan's trip.. Feels like much more than that. He's in Brasil.. probably on some beautiful beach soaking up the sun. I'm so happy for him to be there.. he deserves it so much.. nothing makes him as happy as Brasil (besides us :)). I only have (ugh) 9 more days to go. I hope I make it through sane. I knew I'd miss him, but I didn't think I'd be so worried about him!
Next year hopefully we'll all join him..

I did wish that he were here about two hours ago when I noticed Bela's button was practically hanging out of her tummy. I tried to pull water out of the balloon that secures it in place and sure enough there was none. So I quickly grabbed a new button and a syringe with water, pulled out the old one and put in the new one. I didn't even have time to think or stress because it had to be done right then and I was the only one around. Since she got it put in I have worried about the day that I'd have to change it myself. IT's been changed once but by the dr. and she did NOT like it. But tonight it was a breeze! She didn't even cry and it was so fast and easy! It's healing nicely and I'm so glad she's got a clean, new button. The balloon on the old one had popped! Kinda scary! I'm glad I was home with my supplies right there or that could've been bad... Makes me want to carry around supplies for it all the time... Or maybe she could just start eating.. Progress is being made. She sits at the table with us and asks for bites. She'll chew them all for about 15 seconds then more often then not spits them out. But some are actually swallowed. She is much more open to putting new things in her mouth tho and trying anything, which is a very good step.

That's about it! Anyone feel free to stop by or call this next week... :)