Wednesday, November 17, 2010

gone for good!

You know when life is being so good to you you wonder if it's your turn for something to happen? Is that a horrible way to think? I don't think I used to think that way, before Bela's medical issues came crashing down on us one day. I guess I just don't want to take one single day of my life right now for granted. Time is going so fast and there's so much good..
To name a few...

1. Bela is an eater.
Such a simple thing to say, but what a HUGE accomplishment for her! Most of the time I knew that one day I'd be able to say that, but there were also days I was unsure if she'd ever get her tube out. It hasn't been easy since that day she pulled out her own tube. The first week was BAD. She was not eating very much and I was worrying myself sick everyday. We prayed like crazy during those days. There's only so much you can do to get your daughter to eat when she is refusing. She hit a really low point and now looking back, I realize that she needed to get there in order to decide she needed to eat.
There are NO words to describe how good it is to not tube feed or do anything associated with it. I can't believe how easy life is without it and how much more time I have to enjoy life and my babies. Throwing all her supplies away was liberating!

2. Yesterday we had a GREAT cardiology appointment.. our best yet!
Not only was she up from 9.6 kilos to 10.1 kilos :):):):), assuring us that her tube is definately staying gone for good, her echo looked fabulous! Her heart function continues to be better than anyone originally thought possible.

3. Benson turned 5!
That boy is the definition of sweet, I could not be luckier to be his mommy. He loves that he can now say he's 5. I'm not sure how I feel about having a 5 year old yet.. but he's sure fun.

4. Baby number 3 is healthy and the pregnancy is going great.
I can't believe I'm already 29 weeks. Bela's cardiologists did a fetal echo on the baby and reassured me that everything formed perfectly. I could not believe the difference between her heart and Bela's. I'm really enjoying this pregnancy, apart from horrible sciatic nerve pain. I'm so grateful for her health.

5. It's the holidays! What isn't happy about that?! I'm baking too much though. I usually control myself, but something has happened to me latley.. I just made these and they were amazing.. yumm.