Friday, April 8, 2011

Ruth Jane

On April 10th, Ruthie Jane was given a name and a blessing by her Daddy..

Our little sweetheart is privileged to be named after one of the most wonderful people that has ever lived. Ruth Jane (the first) is my Grandma. I absolutely love and admire her. When I was little I used to sleep over all the time. She would make me a bed on the pink velvet couch that was at the foot of her bed and turn on a music box that had lit up flowers that changed colors. She and I made doll houses and clothespin dolls together listening to hawaiian music. She was everything a grandma should be. She was beautiful and wise to me. As a mom, I respect her even more now for the mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother she is. What I love most about her is how selfless she is. She would do ANYTHING for any of us.
She hasn't been doing very well the last few months, she can barely get out a whisper anymore. The last time she was able to talk to me on the phone was in November, and the only thing she was able to say was a whispered "I love you". I could tell how much effort it took her to say those three words and it meant the world to me.

me and Grandma Ruth when I was 7 months pregnant with Ruthie