Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fontan 4

This is Tanner. Avery asked me to give an update. Bela had a good day overall. She woke up a few times and asked for water. She sat up for about 2.5 hours which was great and stayed awake for about 30 min. She was pretty out of it but at least she is not in pain. We have had a dozen updates from the nurses, doctors, and her surgeon all of which saying that "she is doing great." Great day. We could not have asked for better. She is so amazing.


Lila said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to send pictures and keep an update. It means so much to so many of us who love you all. Looks like everything is headed in the right direction. Hope all get a tiny bit of sleep tonight, especially our favorite patient.

cici said...

such a sweet little girl with pink toes

Deborah said...

we are praying for her! she is SO sweet :)

The B Family said...

Precious pretty pink girl! Praying for her recovery and for you, friend, as you go through this with her.

Debbie Wallace said...

Go Bella. Such a lovely princess.
the Wallaces

jenna said...

i just want you to know that i'm thinking of your sweet little girl and praying for her. my cousin was recently diagnosed with HLHS and i know we have a long road ahead of us, but i am grateful to be reading a blog so full of hope!

The Tams Family said...

She IS amazing!! She looks really good and nice and pink! xoxo