Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fontan 9

What a difference a day makes.. especially around here.

She got her IV fluid turned off because we are feeding her through her Gtube now and she is keeping it all down. That was the last line that was connected so we were able to get rid of her IV pole and lines and pumps. This just makes it SO much easier for her to be mobile. Huge!

This morning about 10:00 the neuro doctor came in to tell us that her EEG looked perfect. Absolutely no sign of a stroke and no seizures. Yes yes yes yes yes! and a wahoo too! Can I even express the relief? She is still not using her left arm or hand, but he tested her arm for reflexes and hers were great. He believes it is nerve damage and she just has to regain full function through therapy. We've done that before, we can do that again. I know she'll be just fine, digging in the sand in no time.

She got her 'hat' off and all 50 probes that were on her head and we were able to go for another walk. She walked twice as far today. So proud of her. Her little legs got going so fast! She let us know when she was tired and we took another wagon ride.

Then we got more great news... her other chest tube was coming out!! We gave her some different meds and the removal of this one went so much better. It is out. Can I say that again? It is out! I can't believe it!!! 6 days post op... amazing.

We just finished washing her hair and all the goop from the EEG out. I massaged her head and we poured warm water over it and she loved every second of it. So good to do something that felt good for her. She is now sleeping in her daddy's arms.

Like I said... What a difference a day makes.



Sally Jensen Interiors said...

Seriously. This is the best update. I'm so happy. I've been searching for it all day. I hope everyday is like this and you will be home in no time.

Ali said...

Best news evah!!!

Lindsay Brummer said...

LOVE THIS NEWS and love that picture of her in her Daddy's arms.

Karie Owens said...

I cant stop crying from this post!!! After seeing her the other day and the worry on your face about her arm I havent been able to think of much else. I am soooo glad to hear the good news and to get the other chest tube out HOORAY!!!!! A good warm hair wash is the best, what a great day for ALL of you!!!!!

Natasha said...

So sweet. You all needed a good day like today!

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

this is so wonderfull!!! Even such a difference from when I saw her this morning. Oh happy news! I'd love to come by again tomorrow and see her :) So happy things are going well. still been thinking of you. love you.

Marianne said...

Wow...what an amazing post! Fabulous news all around. That last picture is precious!

Marianne said...

Wow...what an amazing post! Fabulous news all around. That last picture is precious!

Christene Horlacher said...

I am so happy to hear such wonderful news. So glad that she had such a good day. We have been thinking and praying for her all day. I am so happy for you both as parents to have such wonderful news given to you from the doctors. You are so inspiring with the way you take each moment in stride and look for the good. Love to your family! Yay for Bela! Adorable picture of Bela and Tanner!

Angie Milne said...

Oh how happy this makes my heart!!! :) what great news! Love love love that sweet picture of her and tan, she looks so peaceful... Loves to you all!!!

Kristen Rogers said...

Yay! Such happy news. Bela is amazing and you guys are too!

Mimi said...

Yay!!! I am so happy. What great news! She looks so cozy in daddies arms.

Lila said...

I am so grateful that today was better. So much better.

S and K said...

Love it! This just made my day!!!! What a huge relief for you guys! She's going to be home in no time!!! True Bela fashion to be an overachiever & make all our jaws drop at how awesome she is!!! :) Keep it up Bela!

emcghee said...

So much relief! Just a huge breath in and out feels so good to read that. I'm SO glad!!!!

Amy @ Ink'd said...

I was just talking with Krista & she said I needed to get on your blog. She was right. So amazing Avery. My heart breaks for Bela & your family. I can't imagine the worry, the waiting & the watching while she struggles. But I am grateful you allow me to gain one little ounce of perspective from her journey. I'm so glad she is on the mend after all those yucky nights. She is truly amazing.

Trish said...

freaked me out when i first saw the head bandage and then read that there may be a bleed- I was so scared to keep reading for fear that they'd had to intervene.... SOOOO glad that this is a happy report... Praying for continued improvement!

Mimi said...

I've finally just had a moment to read through all the updates of what's going on right now. It's SO Wonderful to hear she's doing this good post op! I'm in awe of your strength as well as hers. keep up the good work Bela girl! My prayers will be very strong for all of you tonight!

Seriously Avery, you are one amazing Mother! I'm so touched by your life and the challenges you, Tanner and especially Miss Bela have to work through. Simply amazing.

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