Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fontan 5

I've tried a couple times to grab a minute to do an update but it never happened. Today's been long. And hard. I feel so much strength sometimes that I actually wonder how and where it's coming from. And those moments are tender for me because I KNOW exactly where it's coming from. It's certainly not coming from me. But I have moments where I feel everything. I remember this rollercoaster ride all too well... One hour they are doing fantastic and you feel on top of the world. Then the next you're watching them suffer and it overtakes you. (that was avery typing and I know many want to know how bela is doing so I am finishing the update for her)

Bela had a very rough night which meant being awake for 24 hours and throwing up since about 1 pm yesterday. Of course Avery dealt with all the stressful moments and a very difficult night because as I sit here and type at the moment she is sleeping a little. I have Paul Cardall playing for Bela which she love and his music always has so much more power and meaning here in the hospital. He has been someone we have looked to for experience and hope since he is now an adult and been through difficult road. Bela is scheduled to get a PICC line put in at 1 pm and hopefully she will stay asleep and rest until they come to get her. Thank you all for the kind acts of service, words of encouragement and hope, and certainly the prayers offered in Bela's behalf. One of Avery's friends suggested we read this conference talk a few days ago I have listed to the talk 3 times and read it twice and it is amazing. It has helped me feel peace and better understand the power of the atonement. The last part about "angels" is very tender. I am certain that angels have been with Bela and that gives me tremendous amount of comfort.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Love to you all.

Trish said...

There is a spirit in your posts... From the moment I first saw a picture of your sweet Bela on fb, my heart went tender and achey. I tear up as I read the updates- but I so appreciate the updates. I love the talk that you are referring to- the atonement casts a wider net than most of us realize, so wonderful to gain perspective from our church leaders today, so that we can draw on the power of the atonement in times that we might not otherwise have thought to do so. I am a stranger to you, we have a mutual friend- which is how i even ever saw that first photo of sweet Bela- but know that you and your family are in this strangers heart... thoughts, prayers... A dear childhood friend of mine just had a baby with severe hypoplastic also- he was in the NICU for nearly 3 months before she was able to take him home (about a month ago)- my kids learned through that experience that we can pray for people we don't know- they've never met my friend who had baby Nicholas that we prayed for for months... and now, they are praying for Bela too.